Wednesday, January 15, 2014

the 1st post

(This is a 1st post and it’s already a pending post, which I’m supposed to publish last weekend)

I’m glad that I’m finally writing a blog! To new friends, I’m a Muslim and my name is Balquish (also known as day-0). I’m thirty-something, a loving wife to my best friend, Ikhwan and a mommy to a beautiful baby boy. Honestly, this is my second attempt, I wrote a blog before, but not disciplined enough to maintain it. In my old blog, I wrote mostly about my hobbies on mount climbing, swimmingcycling and running. Not much, but it kept myself busy. Now, after delivery and after 9 months of I-eat-what-i-want-don’t-dare-to-stop-me, I desperately want to get fit and stay in shape (obviously not this shape). I need to lose tons (i swear to you it's a lot) of kgs just to fit in my not so small pair of jeans!. I foresee hard core and grueling workout, tons of salty wet socks, and many many hours of sweating or even puking. That is why I am still not losing any weight and instead, gaining sumore. Ha ha ha. So probably this blog can get me to work out...

I still cant believe I'm a mother, its soo surreal. Izzaaz is now 1 year old and he is just the cutest boy on earth. Ha ha ha, every mom thinks her kid is the most beautiful. Anyway, his character is not clear yet as he just reached his 1 year milestone. But he is now walking (fast!), exploring and busy throwing random smile to anyone who looked at him. You don’t have to smile, just an eye contact will triggered his chubby cheeks to form a wide ear to ear smile. My wish is that he’ll grow up to be someone who appreciate his surroundings, appreciate Islam, love, life and mother nature.


My husband is my best friend, we have been married for almost 3 years now. We share the same hobbies (just hobbies, never the tv channels) and we have quite an interest towards sport, well that is why both of us are still struggling with our weight! ha ha ha. He can’t see me eating and I can’t see him eating either, it’s contagious. Our mission is that by tahun ni, we can get back in "action". When we are together we are "Fat Puma".auwwmm...hihi..that was our team name a few years back when we were doing some adventure racing. was only a one time deal...but one race and we're hooked!until today we never got the chance to try again. Hopefully this year.........  

mount kinabalu via ferrata Oct 2013

So, this time, I’m giving blogging a try again. So, let see how it goes J


  1. Bravo! Well come back Day-O. It's been a loooooong time kan (macam i perli diri sendiri ni sebenarnya).
    All the best with the blog. Saya perlukan inspirasi utk sambung blogging jugak..

  2. Hi blog another chance..kekek...and nak start lari balik...susahhhhh....heheheh....harap2 nnt boleh la terserempak dgn u kat event race mane2 kan!...hehehehe